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Dr. Popii is a board certified specialist in endocrinology and metabolism, based in the prestigious Philadelphia Main Line. With great experience in treating a large array of endocrine disorders ranging from diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid disease to weight management, and more rare conditions of the adrenal and pituitary gland, Dr. Popii brings exceptional medical care to the patients in the Philadelphia and the tri-state area.

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Dr. Popii offers telehealth visits to patients located in the following states:

  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware


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Thyroid disease

Thyroid disease encompasses conditions affecting the thyroid gland, potentially causing underproduction (hypothyroidism) or overproduction (hyperthyroidism) of thyroid hormones, resulting in varied symptoms like fatigue, weight changes, and mood swings.

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Comprehensive diabetes care

Diabetes is a chronic condition where the body either doesn't produce enough insulin (Type 1) or cannot effectively use the insulin it does produce (Type 2), leading to elevated blood sugar levels.

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Weight management

Weight loss involves reducing total body mass through a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, often pursued to improve health, fitness, and appearance, or to manage conditions like obesity.

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Calcium & bone metabolism disorders

Calcium and bone metabolism disorders include conditions like osteoporosis and hyperparathyroidism that affect the body's ability to regulate calcium, potentially leading to weak bones, fractures, and other symptoms.

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Pituitary pathology

Pituitary pathology involves disorders of the pituitary gland, often leading to abnormal hormone production. This can cause a range of symptoms and conditions, including acromegaly, Cushing's disease, and pituitary tumors.

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Menstrual and fertility problems

Menstrual and fertility problems encompass conditions affecting a woman's menstrual cycle or ability to conceive, including irregular periods, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and infertility.

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Patient testimonials

"I have been a patient of Dr. Popii for about 10 years.  She is absolutely the very best.  She properly diagnose my thyroid issue and provided the cure.  In addition, she has been invaluable in helping me manage my weight and blood sugar.  She has a great network of fellow physicians and is always there to help."


"Dr. Popii came highly recommended as I was searching for a new Endocrinologist.   I have been with her for over a year now and it was the right move for me.  She is genuinely interested in my health.  She knows my information (data, numbers, trends) in real time and monitors me between appointments.  She knows me which isn’t always the case with physicians.  There is no limit to the communication we have outside of our office or virtual visits."


"Dr. Violeta Popii is hands down the best endocrinologist I have been to. She makes sure you feel heard, double checks all the reports and if she doesn't like something she does her own due diligence. This is the type of doctor all doctors should strive to be like... not doing what insurance companies say but instead Dr. Poppi does what is in the best interest of the patient. I will continue to follow her and her practice wherever she goes."


"In 20+ years I visited 5 different endocrinologist, they all were dismissive until Dr. Popii. She listened and found my tumor. Now I am under medication and my life is much better."


"Dr Popii spent over an hour reviewing various test results, medications, personal and family health history, my life style, daily schedule and all activities in addition to a very thorough examination from head to toe. She provided all needed and helpful resources and suggested other providers that would helpful to address my issue. Additionally she’s been extremely accommodating and available to address my questions or provide additional information."


"Dr. Poppi is an excellent clinician. She listened, changed my daily protocol and I am feeling a hundred times better. Quite enjoy our interactions."


"Best doctor I have ever seen! I went for hormonal troubles and wow I think she spent an hour maybe more just getting every little detail of my life and looked up every record to give me the exact hormone combination I needed. Absolutely no other doctor was ever this attentive with me! I can rest easy with doctor Popii that nothing will be overlooked!"


"As a primary care physician I work with a lot of physicians. Dr. Popii has been the best endocrinologist to refer my patients to. She is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable and does an amazing job explaining her thinking to her patients."


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