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Services and Fees

Services and Fees: Services

General endocrinology

The Care You Deserve

I can help patients with a multitude of endocrine disorders. Here are the most common ones:
-Thyroid disease (overactive, underactive gland, thyroid nodules or thyroid cancer)
-Calcium metabolism/ parathyroid disorders and osteoporosis
-Reproductive problems in women (PCOS, menstrual disorders, menopause) and men (hypogonadism)
-Pituitary and adrenal disorders

Comprehensive diabetes care

Taking care of you

Every patient with diabetes is unique in their needs, the type and the duration of the disease, the presence of complications and the individual goals to achieve for best outcomes. Together we can define a customized plan of care to help you reach those goals and stay healthy.

Weight management

Helping you get healthy

I offer comprehensive assessment of the weight gain and define a long term plan for weight loss and maintenance, which will involve lifestyle modifications, medications if indicated, or evaluation for bariatric surgery indication.

Fee schedule

New patient visit (60 minutes) - $ 400
Follow- up visit (30 minutes) -   $ 175
CGM review: $ 50

Payment is made via check, credit card or Venmo at the end of each visit

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