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I have been a practicing endocrinologist in the Philadelphia area since 2005. I am a board-certified Endocrinologist with expertise in multiple areas within this field. 
I have graduated medical school in Romania and completed the internal medicine residency at Wayne State University, where I have also served one year as chief medical resident.
I have then joined the endocrinology and metabolism fellowship at Northwestern University in Chicago where I have received outstanding training from leaders in the specialty.
I have moved to Philadelphia in 2005 ad I have worked in this area ever since. Between 2009 and 2018 I have been part of the endocrinology practice at Lankenau Medical Center.
In 2018 I have moved to Greece with my family and upon our return in 2021 I have decided to start a direct care practice.
My goal is to provide quality, compassionate care to my patients while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being a private practitioner.

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